10th annual American River music festival, Coloma, CA, September 16-19, 2016
River Trip, American River Music Festival
River Trip, American River Music Festival
River Trip, American River Music Festival
River Trip, American River Music Festival

Q: What can I expect on the river trip?
A: On the 14 mile “gorge” run you will see beautiful scenery, experience a mixture of calm and intermediate level whitewater (you will get wet), and you’ll be paddling with the other folks in the boat with your guide. The highly trained guides will give a safety talk and paddling instructions before starting off. The first 5 miles is a great warm-up for the lower more exciting run. The trip includes a fantastic riverside lunch with music by Dan Weber.

Q: Who can go on the river trip?
A: The river trip is only for folks buying the festival river trip ticket which includes your three nights camping in your chosen campground, all music, and shuttles. The minimum age is 8 years old and there’s no upper age limit.

Q: How difficult is the river trip?
A: This is an intermediate level trip. On a rating scale of 1-6, with 1 being flat water and 6 being extremely difficult rapids this trip is rated a 3. This means the most difficult rapid on the trip is a level 3 rapid.

Q: How safe is the river trip?
A: American Whitewater Expeditions has been guiding on the South Fork of the American River since 1979. Their guides are professionally trained and experienced at taking folks down the river. There are risks to any outdoor adventure, and AWE will require you sign a waiver before the trip. If you want more information regarding the risks of the river trip please get in touch with AWE @ www.AmericanWhitewater.com

Q: What do I wear and what can I bring on the river trip?
A: Please see our What to Bring/What Not to Bring page.

Q: When should I arrive for the river trip?
A: You should arrive Friday morning by 9:00 am to your campground to check in and get located. The shuttle from Camp Lotus and EarthTrek will pick you up at 10:30 am where you’ll launch at 11:30 am from American River Resort. If you want to arrive Thursday, please contact your campground for early arrival information.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: At AWE @ www.AmericanWhitewater.com or you can call the festival office @ 530.622.6044.