10th annual American River music festival, Coloma, CA, September 16-19, 2016
camping at the American River Music Festival
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camping at the american River music festival
camp at Earthtrek with attending the american river music festival

Q: When do tickets go on sale?
A: May 1st with Early Bird Prices through July 15th.

Q: There are a lot of tickets choices. Which one should I choose?
A: That depends on if you want to come for the day, or come for the entire weekend. The Main Stage ticket choices get you entry into the Main Stage for Saturday OR Sunday or Saturday AND Sunday. The campground ticket choices give you Fri-Sun nights in the campground you choose to stay at, ALL music admittance and all shuttles. We recommend coming for the entire weekend.

Q: There are three campgrounds to choose from. Why is this?
A: The Coloma-Lotus Valley doesn’t have a resource for one location for all campers. So for folks wanting to come for the entire festival, we have three beautiful privately owned and operated campgrounds to choose from as a festival camper.

Q: Which campground should I choose?
A: Each campground has slightly different amenities, but all are on the river, are clean, have bathrooms and showers, run shuttles, has its own music presentations and are close to the main stage. Our Festival Camping page has links to each one, and the Schedule page shows who's performing when/where. EarthTrek’s ticket includes a meal service.

Q: We can’t stay for the three nights. Is there a nightly camping ticket choice?
A: No, the festival camping ticket gives you the OPTION of staying three nights.

Q: There are two of us in one tent. Do we each need a festival camping ticket?
A: Yes, EVERY person staying in our campgrounds needs that campground ticket.

Q: I’m staying in a campground, and want to see music elsewhere during the evening. How does that work?
A: We run continuous shuttle loops to all venues each evening, and the shuttle schedules are posted at each campground.

Q: I’m bringing an RV. Do I still need to buy that campground’s camping ticket? I’m not using a tent.
A: Yes, EVERY person staying in our campgrounds needs that Campground’s Ticket. RVs are an UPGRADE which is paid directly to the campground at which you are staying. Let’s say you have an RV reservation, and 4 folks are staying in your RV. You need 4 camping tickets to that campground.

Q: We’re considering a cabin or tent cabin. Do I still need that campground’s camping ticket? I’m not using a tent.
A: Yes, EVERY person needs that Campground’s Ticket. Cabins and Tent Cabins are an upgrade which is paid directly to the campground you are staying at.

Q: How do I make an RV, Cabin or Tent Cabin reservation?
A: By calling the campground directly. Contact info is at our Camping page.

Q: Do the RV sites, Cabins and Tent Cabins sell out?
A: Yes, all UPGRADE locations sell out every year. We suggest calling your campground of choice early to secure an upgrade.

Q: The RV sites are sold out, but I still want to bring my RV what do I do?
A: There are limited dry RV locations at Camp Lotus and American River Resort, but if you want water and power we suggest Ponderosa Resort.

Q: I’ve made an RV reservation at Ponderosa Resort. What ticket should I buy?
A: We suggest you buy the TWO-DAY Main Stage ticket. You can pick up the shuttle from EarthTrek’s shuttle stop, which is across the street from Ponderosa.

Q: I’ve purchased a Main Stage ticket. Can I attend the music in the campgrounds?
A: No, only campground ticket buyers are allowed into the campgrounds.

Q: I’ve purchased a Main Stage ticket. Can I attend the music presented in the “Local Hot Spots”?
A: Yes, as a ticket buyer you have access to the festival’s Hot Spots presentations.

Q: I want to volunteer. What should I do?
A: Contact our volunteer coordinator at musicfestvolunteer@gmail.com

Q: What can I bring to the main stage?
A: There’s a “What to Bring, Not to Bring” page under the About tab.

Q: Why can’t I bring food or drinks into the main stage?
A: We have excellent fresh food, craft beer and wine choices all which go to support the festival. Also, allowing personal food and beverages creates all sorts of spacing and sanitation issues. If you have special food needs, you can bring your needs. We allow personal water bottles and have a refilling station.

Q: Can I bring shade and high back chairs to the Main Stage?
A: Yes, shade and high back chairs are allowed but have designated seating locations. Any shade that obstructs viewing will be seated in the very back.

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: No, only service dogs are allowed due to insurance requirements.