The 8th annual
American River Music Festival
proudly presents our 2014 performing artists

"It's a Killer Line-up."
~Kim Rogers, KVMR Community Radio's host of Good Stuff~

greg brown tommy malaone of the subdudes bastard sons of johnny cash big bad gina the parson red heads rebecca loebe trio a thousand years at sea Love choir New american farmers lauren murphy lumadae tamara godey
the bills whitewater ramble laura love bastery terri hendrix and lloyd maines patchy sanders aireene and the rarities island of black and white misner and smith skin and bones brodi nicholas

Greg Brown
Greg Brown is one of the foremost living folk artists of his generation. He was born in the Hacklebarney section of southeastern Iowa and raised by a family that made words and music a way of life. His seasoned songwriting, storytelling, and music are deeply rooted in that place. He moves audiences with warmth, humor, a thundering voice and his unpretentious musical vision. During his incredible journey Greg has released 27 albums.

“Mr. Brown's music provides a stark, unself-consciously literary tour of off-road Americana.” ~New York Times~

“A wickedly sharp observer of the human condition.” ~Rolling Stone~

“His rich, rumbling voice qualifies as one of the wonders of the folk world” ~Acoustic Guitar~

The Bills
“Their sound is panoramic, mischievous, fiercely unpretentious – and musically splendid” – Boston Globe

From the West Coast of Canada comes this extraordinary quintet, renowned among fans of all ages for their instrumental virtuosity, lush vocal arrangements, exuberant live performances, evocative songwriting, and a refreshing sound that transcends musical boundaries and defies simple categorization.

Strings, bellows, keys, voices, skin and bows – these are the vehicles for the Bills’ unique sonic approach. With individual band members sporting world-class credentials in folk/roots, jazz, classical and world music, The Bills truly are a Canadian acoustic music supergroup.

Tommy Malone of the Subdudes
"It’s a crime that Tommy Malone isn’t better known around the world. He is a triple threat—beautiful singer, fine songwriter, and killer guitarist." ~Offbeat Magazine~

Tommy Malone has had a musical love affair with fans for over 30 years. As the ‘heart and center’ front man of the legendary Americana act The Subdudes, he has carved his way as a gifted singer, player and songwriter with a distinctive musical voice.

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Whitewater Ramble
Get ready for a High-Octane Rocky Mountain DanceGrass Party. Whitewater Ramble uses a simple recipe to craft its sound: start with bluegrass instrumentation, add drums, and finish with a boundary-less approach to grassing-up everything from disco house grooves to roots to Americana.

Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash
Described by Rolling Stone as "pure Americana heart and soul", The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash are the voice and vision of songwriter Mark Stuart. Since forming the band in 1995, he's performed with most every major artist in the Country and Americana music community.

“They’ve created one of the best country albums of 2013” Twangville Review

Laura Love and Big Bad Gina
Laura Love is an award winning "folk-funk" singer, songwriter, and sensational bassist who’s been touring throughout the world since the early 1990s. Laura has released 11 CDs and she’s performed at nearly every great music festival in North America.

Laura has teamed up with the three women of Big Bad Gina who call their music Genre Hoppin' Folkin' Rockin' with a Driving Girl-Groove Edge. Through their unique harmonies, their eclectic musical selections and their multi-instrumentalism they bring down the house with their powerfully-energetic performances.

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Gritty Americana by way of Sweden, with magnetizing melodies and harmonies that rouse the rebel spirit & outlaw soul. No matter where they go in the world, people tell the sisters that they've never heard or seen anything like it, that they have a completely unique sound and perform with what seems to be an inexhaustible energy. That's Baskery's aim, to never stop surprising. That’s where the high energy level on stage hails from, a pure and reckless love to the art of performing music.

“Flaxen haired trio’s frenzied banjo punk drew as much excitement as the bigger acts, leaving audiences clamoring for more.” ~Roots & Blues Review~

The Parson Red Heads
The Parson Red Heads have a beautiful way of taking you to a time where life was all innocence, frolicking and free. They will leave you uplifted and deeply moved through their gorgeous compositions, replete with reverbed guitar licks and sweet melodies belied only by its psych fringes!

Over a nine-year career that’s seen the band form in Oregon, then move to Los Angeles for nearly six years, the now Portland-based Parsons have established a well-deserved reputation as an uninhibited live group influential in a burgeoning music scene still seduced by the specters of love and Buffalo Springfield.

Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines
Terri Hendrix is an award-winning Texas songwriter who spins sorrow into joy and wrings wisdom from the blues with the poetic grace and uplifting melodic flair that has long been her trademark. A classically trained vocalist and deft multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin and harmonica), she dodges musical pigeonholes alongside Lloyd Maines (guitar, dobro, pedal steel, Grammy winner), by weaving folk, pop, country, blues and swinging jazz into an eclectic style all their own.

Rebecca Loebe Trio
Rebecca calls her music post-brontosaurus indie folk/crunk. A Berklee College of Music graduate and finalist on The Voice, she is both candid and self-deprecating, attributes that shine through in her songwriting and laugh-out-loud storytelling. Since quitting her job as a full-time recording studio engineer, she has performed an average of 150 shows per year in listening rooms, festivals and theaters in over 30 states of the US and in Europe.

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Patchy Sanders
A 7-Piece Folk Orchestra, which goes beyond categorization. Patchy Sanders plays banjo, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, fiddle, viola, upright bass, drums, penny whistle, lever harp, harmonica, all while singing four-part harmonies and adding in a few more surprises for good measure!

Mason Jennings describes Patchy’s live performance: “Great musicianship, harmonies and feel. A really warm vibe that makes wherever you are standing feel like the center of a gypsy caravan.”

A Thousand Years at Sea
Through their exploration of contemporary American songwriting and Celtic music’s living tradition, A Thousand Years at Sea are high-energy, passionate performances holding nothing back, laying their cards on the table, uplifting audiences with heartfelt compositions and arrangements.

“They absolutely enamored the audience from the very first song with tight instrumentals and rich vocals. Incredible!” ~Carriage House Concerts~

Aireene and the Rarities
Aireene's songs are influenced by Alan Lomax's field recordings from the South and growing up listening to her uncles' Filipino folk guitar playing. She’s played with many folks that have influenced her music, from latin/african rhythms, folk, blues, bluegrass and gospel - a mix of stompin', swayin', and timeless Americana.

“Espiritu’s penchant for songs sound like they came off a 78 rpm record, listeners will be swept away.” ~Good Times~ Santa Cruz

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The Love Choir
This all-inclusive group is "loving the song at a time”. Under the direction of Brother Jimmy Lovejoy, the Choir has been singing together for over 15 years. Come to the sing and dance Saturday night, then wake Sunday morning with songs of inspiration, peace, love and joy. “Everyone is in the Love Choir; just show up and sing!"

Island of Black and White

Island of Black and White’s music is a sweet, humble, yet raw blend of acoustic rock, funky reggae, and soulful blues. It is a mixture like no other. The quartet gives high energy performances, and it is apparent for anyone watching, that the band shares an immense love for music. Not only does the band enjoy playing, but their incredible performances engage all who listen; and the energy is shared with the entire crowd.

New American Farmers
Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto make their home in Kensington, CA and spent most of the last decade performing and recording as Mars Arizona, winning fans with their original brand of cosmic Americana. Like many other American towns, Mars, Arizona recently disappeared, and they were forced to move on after four well received albums. “Like the vanishing American family farm, it became too expensive to run the family business,” Knowles says. “The town was auctioned off and we became New American Farmers. We hope to survive by embracing more healthy and sustainable approaches to music production and delivery.”

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Misner and Smith
Misner & Smith’s music is a search for meaning. Their songs yearn for connection, ache for understanding, relish in mystery, and rejoice in creation. In a world that often feels to be crumbling down around us, they dig deep, and find hope in the simple things, and in the beauty that surrounds us all.

Lauren Murphy
Lauren Murphy is best known for her background vocals with the San Francisco based band Zero(Steve Kimock, Robert Hunter, Judge Murphy), and as band leader/main composer of Lansdale Station(2005-2013), the award winning act she established with her late husband, legendary vocalist, The Judge.

Relocating from the Bay Area to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 2012, her recent compositions are notably some of the best in her career. Compared to Patty Griffin, Emmy Lou Harris, & Grace Slick, with the passion of Janis Joplin, Murphy is completely unique in her vocal stylings.

Skin and Bones
Skin & Bones is a duo comprised of folk/blues with hints of alt country and bluegrass. This cocktail of genres makes for an explosive live performance.

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Lumadae Lumadae is four guys, four different approaches to music, one sound. A blend of rock, folk, and jazz/jam influences, with rich vocal harmonies, creates the distinctive sound of Lumadae.

Spanning the spectrum of rhythm and sound, their music ranges from soft introspective ballads to rocking anthems, and touches all points in between.

Brodi Nicholas
Brodi Nicholas is a 23 year old independent recording artist from Rocklin, CA. He's a multi instrument playing hip hop reggae artist, who blends elements of pop, rock, and acoustics into his music. He’s made appearances on Northern California’s top morning show “Good Day Sacramento” as well as opened for National acts, such as Rehab, Chiddy Bang, The Green, Baby Bash, Afroman and many others. Spreading positive vibes, one person at a time through his passion and love of music.

Tamara Godey
Tamara started writing songs when she was 7 years old. She is influenced by the soulful sounds of Carole King, Gladys Knight and Phoebe Snow. She writes of life experiences and things that move the spirit. Her style has been described as neo-soul style in ballad, blues, folk and rock.

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