10th annual American River music festival, Coloma, CA, September 16-19, 2016

Musician Bios

dustbowl revival The Dustbowl Revival: www.dustbowlrevival.com
"In a city like Los Angeles, home to musical stars in nearly every known genre, handing out the Best Live Band title is not easy. But the free-thinking local collective Dustbowl Revival's upbeat, old-school, All-American sonic safaris exemplify everything shows should be: hot, spontaneous, engaging and, best of all, a pleasure to hear. " ~ LA Weekly ~

"The group is like a band of time-hopping vagabonds swirling through the centuries picking up and passing along tunes that make you want to swing, stomp and reel." ~ Santa Cruz Weekly ~

arden park roots Arden Park Roots: www.ardenparkroots.com
Arden Park Roots has become a common name in the huge California rock/reggae scene, a scene rapidly spreading all over the country. It is evident as their tours continue to get longer and fan base and venues get larger. They have 6 major awards under their belt including three Sacramento News and Review “SAMMIES” for “Best Reggae/Rock/Funk band” and in 2012, they were inducted into the Sacramento music Hall of fame.

Birds of Chicago Birds of Chicago: www.birdsofchicago.com
Beautiful words and music can still tap deep veins of emotion, and music this raw and soul-rich demands to be experienced live. Birds of Chicago have developed a fervent following, touring 200 nights a year since their formation in late 2012. For these Birds, singing for a room full of new people, hearts wide open, keeps off the cold and chases off the shadows. 2016 will find the band in constant motion - from sea to sea and beyond.

Achilles wheel Achilles Wheel: www.achilleswheel.com
“Jam rockers Achilles Wheel could be compared to the Allman Brothers or Grateful Dead, but we can do better than that. Their instrumentals are boisterous and inventive. Their chemistry shimmers and enthralls their adoring crowd. “ ~Grateful Web review~

This high energy Roots and World music/Rock and Roll band from Northern California, features award winning songwriting played on numerous stringed instruments and the rhythmic earthquake of two full drum sets Congratulations to Achilles Wheel! The Nevada City Chamber of Commerce has awarded the band with the 2015 Live Music Award.

shook twins T Sisters: www.tsisters.com
“Beautiful harmonies, melodic voices, a family band in the 21st century, and honest-to-goodness traditional folk musicians: Is it possible to be both a beautiful relic of the past and perfect for the present? It is if you’re the T Sisters. Chloe, Rachel, and Erika Tietjen sing and you just feel better about the world. Even when the song is sad their music lets you sit with that sadness and understand it’s a part of life. Who knew you could achieve Zen through folk music?” ~SF Weekly – 16 Artists to watch in 16~

Bryan Elijah Smith The Wild Hearts Bryan Elijah Smith & The Wild Hearts: www.bryanelijahsmith.com
Bryan Elijah Smith & The Wild Hearts are an Alternative-Americana band based out of Dayton, Virginia tucked away in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Smith's unabashedly genuine songwriting and voice go hand in hand with The Wild Hearts raw energy making this band one worth not only listening to but experiencing live. With over 1,000 original songs, 8 independent releases BES & The Wild Hearts have proven themselves to be studio journeymen and road tested workhorses.

the senate The Senate: www.nickdrummond.com
Ten years ago three young musicians from Seattle formed a small acoustic trio. For the next six years The Senate toured the Pacific Northwest, playing sold out shows at some of the regions finest venues. They took a break…now they are back!

Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer: www.daveandmandymusic.com
Together, their exceptional vocal harmonies coupled with Fer’s pioneering electric guitar work have led them around the world. The pair has honed their skills touring extensively throughout the US and Europe. “Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer have a knack for capturing the passionate beauty of original contemporary folk music. Evoking tranquility and reflection, their frank lyrics and life-affirming tales are woven around melodic lines that hold the fabric together.” ~The Americana Music Journal~

Keith Greeninger Keith Greeninger: www.keithgreeninger.com
What Keith Greeninger brings to music, and life for that matter, is authenticity. As a result, there are no barriers between Keith, his music and his audience. This bond stems from Keith’s underlying philosophy that music is first and foremost a gift and a medicine to take part in together.

Gun Hill Royals Gun Hill Royals: www.gunhillroyals.com
“We're just some guys trying to make the best Americana music we can. We're rambl'n, roll'n, shuffl'n and groov'n... or bust. If soul happens to be put'n his thumb out there... hell... there's some room in the back!” ~GHR~

Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum: www.laurielewis.com
The Sacramento News and Revue called her “as fine a singer as anyone on the acoustic music circuit, anywhere in the world.” Billboard praised her ability to “successfully walk the high wire above esoteric country, combining elements of bluegrass and pure country to form her own seamless mix.” Sing Out! Magazine recently stated, “It’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that if the “Americana” format wasn’t invented for her, it should have been.”

dan weber Dan Weber: www.danwebermusic.com
A rare 3-time finalist in the legendary Kerrville ‘New Folk’ competition, Dan Weber began performing later in life at age 40 but being a gifted storyteller, he quickly won over audiences with his natural charisma, upbeat performances, authentic songwriting, and off-the-cuff hilarious stories from the many roads he’s traveled.

dan frechetter and laurel thompsen -Dan Frechette and Laurel Thompsen: www.danandlaurel.ca
"Making beautiful music together, this duo lit up the MayFest stage…a remarkable singing voice...a match made in heaven.” ~Monterey Herald

“Great songwriter...terrific violinist...and together their voices blend beautifully and harmonically." ~Penguins Eggs

the love choir The Love Choir: www.thelovechoir.com
This all-inclusive group is "loving the world...one song at a time”. Under the direction of Brother Jimmy Lovejoy, the Choir has been singing together for over 15 years. Come to the sing-a-long Saturday night with songs of inspiration, peace, love and joy.

karyn ann Karyn Ann: www.karynann.com
“Karyn Ann started the way most acoustic singer/songwriters get started: by lugging a beat-up guitar around to local open mics and coffee shops. It’s a long slog from the dim coffee shops to the bright lights of the stage, but Karyn Ann is well on her way.” ~The Portland Mercury

Hannah Kile Hannah Kile: www.hannahjanekile.com
On first impression she is sweet and lovely, bright and cheerful…then, with a flourish of harmony pouring from her guitar, she steps up to sing…and you enter another realm. Hannah is radiantly fluent in the universal language of song, and she has the gift of making seriously beautiful music with effortless grace!

island of black and white Island of Black and White: www.islandofblackandwhite.com
Island of Black and White’s music is a sweet, humble yet raw blend of acoustic rock, funky reggae, and soulful blues. It is a mixture like no other. The quartet exerts high energy performances, and it is apparent for anyone watching, that the band shares an immense love for music. Not only does the band enjoy playing, but their incredible performances engage all who listen; and the energy is shared with the entire crowd.

red dirt ruckus Red Dirt Ruckus: www.facebook.com/reddirtruckus
Deep in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada there came a Ruckus unlike any other before it. Fusing Bluegrass, Reggae, Rock & Funk, Red Dirt Ruckus captures the heartbeat of the Northern California mountain sound.

lumadae Lumadae: www.lumadae.com
Lumadae is four guys, four different approaches to music, one sound. A blend of rock, folk, and jazz/jam influences, with rich vocal harmonies, creates the distinctive sound of Lumadae. Spanning the spectrum of rhythm and sound, their music ranges from soft introspective ballads to rocking anthems, and touches all points in between.

wilson harwood Greg Lamboy: www.greglamboy.com
Greg Lamboy has been singing since he could speak. Starting at age 3 he would sing himself to sleep with the songs he heard on the radio. The music continued through grade school where he got his first taste of indie stardom. “My 1st grade choir teacher found out I ‘played’ guitar and asked me to bring it to class. I stood up in front of a bunch of 6 year olds with my Sears plastic guitar, strummed one open chord and the crowd went nuts. I thought ‘Hey, I could get used to this.’” he says with a laugh.

The Sweet Potatoes The Sweet Potatoes: www.thesweetpotatoes.com
The Sweet Potatoes come out of Southern California to dish up their own unique blend of country, folk and homespun Americana. Featuring acoustic guitars, ukulele, accordion and harmonica, this trio will bring a smile to your face with their sweet harmonies and finely crafted songwriting. Their music has a back porch charm all it's own.

the heifer belles The Heifer Belles: www.facebook.com/The-Heifer-Belles
The Heifer Belles began as friends getting together for some casual picking and singing. The result, a blend of back porch Americana, took them out of the living room into the world to perform their music. Their original songwriting range from tongue-in-cheek to heartfelt to socially insightful, with a three part harmony that can bring tears to the eyes, pedal steel guitar, upright bass and acoustic guitar. The Heifer Belles will sing you into heaven with a shot of whiskey on the side.

ranell carpenter band Ranell Carpenter Band: www.ranellcarpenter.com
Ranell Carpenter is a singer, songwriter from the Sierra foothills, a rising talent with smoldering vocals and roots in soul, blues and country. The band explores the many avenues of music. With high expectations for her music career, Ranell gives a dazzling performance, pouring her heart and soul into every show.

tamra godey Tamra Godey: www.tamragodey.com
Tamra Godey is a Northern California artist who writes and performs a soulful style of folk-Americana. In warm silky tones, strong vibrato and clarity she sings of life experiences and things that move the spirit. An award winning and prolific song writer, Tamra entertains an audience with an uplifting mix of soulful stories, memorable love ballads, and hip-swaying blues.

tamra godey Michael McNevin: www.michaelmcnevin.com
Michael McNevin hails from the train town of Niles, California in the SF East Bay hills. Lyrics read like short stories, Bagging groceries, spending the night in a Jersey jail, Scarecrow in love with a seabird. Characters and places come to life, underscored by McNevin's accomplished guitar work and vocals.